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For today’s list we’re taking a look at 10 of London’s best bars. It’s no secret that London is home to the best bars in the world. This is a statement that’s often overused in all facets of life, whether you’re talking about a sportsman, a particular popular destination, country etc. But you have to keep in mind that London, being the city it is, is home to many establishments, places, venues, and historical buildings that really are the best in the world. So it’s not an overstatement when considering a list like this. The best bar in the world, the Artesian, is located in London. And sure, it’s a little pompous and perhaps indulgent to the point where it becomes arrogant. But no, there are plenty of good reasons why even the everyday Joe could appreciate a place like the Artesian. Everyone can use a little sophistication in their lives. It’s time to put down our smartphones and enjoy the things that our parents and grandparents use to enjoy. Simple and elegant doesn’t necessarily mean posh and flash. Treat yourself to a drink in one of London’s finest bars and try to picture yourself as a gentleman from a bygone era. A little refinement can go a long way with the ladies too.

Happiness Forgets

Happiness ForgetsAll that talk about glamor and the first bar on the list is everything but glamorous. While it lacks the element of sheer sophistication, it’s simple. And the romantically dimly lit rooms of the Happiness Forgets bar will make you slow down and appreciate the simpler things in life. The Happiness Forgets bar was actually voted as the 12th best bar in the world, mostly thanks to its experienced owner Alastair Burgess, who’s been in the business for ages.

Visiting address: 8-9 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU

69 Colebrooke Row

69 Colebrooke RowNamed only after its address and only identifiable by the lantern in front of the bar, one could say this is a hidden bar in a London backstreet. And that statement wouldn’t be wrong either. Cloaked with a somewhat mysterious noir feel to it, and with the classy 50’s style interior, you’ll almost feel like a time traveler. The highly intimate atmosphere will make you feel like you’re having an affair, even if you don’t have a wife or lady friend. Be sure to make reservations.

Visiting address: 69 Colebrooke Row, London, N1 8AA

Original Sin

Original SinThis one belongs to Alastair Burgess, who we’ve already mentioned in the first bar on the list. The booths are covered in refined leather and the worn out wooden trimmings and interior parts really make it feel like your everyday neighborhood bar. The trendy, slightly rustic feel doesn’t take away a bit from the fact that this place has class. Seeing as the Original Sin shares a space with the legendary Burger Bear, you can also have a tremendous cheeseburger and taste their secret sauce – burger jam, that’s bound to knock your socks off.

Visiting address: 129 Stoke Newington High St, London, N16 0PH

Ladies & Gents

Ladies & GentsRe-purposing an old Victorian public toilet into a modern-day trendy bar is only possible in London. Once upon a time Londoners use to relieve themselves of a full bladder, while today it’s used to relieve themselves from the daily hustle and bustle of modern day living. The enormous selection of second-hand books in the bar boasts many classic, so if you fancy doing some reading while sipping out a beverage of your choice, you are more than free to do so.

Visiting address: 2 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1NR

Bermondsey Art Club

Berdmondsey Art ClubWhile we’re on the subject of bars opening up in old public bathrooms and toilets, we should give the Bermondsey Art Club a mention. Going down the stairs before entering the actual bar will not give you a single clue about the Art Deco design of this magnificent little London bar. The menu changes constantly, but after telling the friendly barman what you’re looking for, he’ll concoct a mix that will sweep you off your feet.

Visiting address: 102 Tower Bridge Rd, London, SE1 4PT

Peckham Springs

Peckham SpringsOne important reason why we’re putting this venue on the list is because it was named after Del Boy’s water business. It’s as much a bar as it is an art gallery. It’s the best of both worlds for people who want a little bit of culture while sipping out the cheap, but amazingly delicious and sometimes powerful, cocktails. Del Boy would have loved this place. Not for the art of course, but for the affordable exotic cocktails.

Visiting address: 22A Blenheim Grove, London, SE15 4QN


NightjarIn 2014 the Nightjar was voted as the 3rd best bar in the world. Everything about this place is old-fashioned and we wouldn’t want it any other way to be honest. Ever seen an episode of the Boardwalk Empire? Well the Nightjar almost looks like a set from the show. Their drink menu is divided into post-war drinks, pre-prohibition and prohibition drinks. Jazz nights here are tremendously popular and it’ll make it very difficult getting a reservation on that evening.

Visiting address: 129 City Rd, London, EC1V 1JB

Evans & Peel

Evans & PeelIt’s not everyday that the bar staff do any kind of role-playing with the customers. The whole speakeasy thing this place has going for it is taken to a new level. First you’ll need to be granted access and they’ll direct you towards what seems like a regular old bookcase. Behind that bookcase is where the magic happens and you’ll find it difficult not to appreciate the effort these people put into it and how charmingly magnificent this bar is. For any self-respecting bar goer, this is one you have to visit, just make reservations.

Visiting address: 310c Earls Court Rd, London, SW5 9BA

The Luggage Room

The-Luggage-RoomAlmost hidden from sight on a corner of Grosvenor Square lies a bar unlike any other in London. Not even the hippest of hipsters would be able to resist its old world charm with its marble floors, Art Deco fittings and furnishing. Experiencing the sheer opulence will give you some insight on what it must have been like being a gentleman during the roaring 1920’s. If you have issues finding this place, don’t panic but rather politely ask the door staff at the Marriott for directions.

Visiting address: Grosvenor Square, W1, London

The Artesian

artesianAs we have already mentioned the Artesian in the beginning of the article, there’s no sense in not putting it on the list. It’s the number one bar in the world for numerous reasons. All of which we can talk about, but actually visiting the place and experiencing it yourself is the only way to appreciate it. Indulge yourself in the utterly sophisticated surroundings of the Victorian styled interior, try the best cocktails in town and enjoy the marvelous awe-inspiring atmosphere the Artesian offers.

Visiting address: The Langham Hotel, Portland Place, W1B 1JA

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