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15 million tourists visit London every year, as it is one of the most famous cities of the world. At some point in the history, this city was the biggest and probably the most important one, being the capital of the gigantic British Empire. By having such a rich history, London is bound to have many historic buildings and attractions which make it as beautiful as it is. The Top London Attractions consist of numerous churches, parks, museums, abbeys, palaces, markets and many other destinations that are definitely worth paying a visit to while one is in London. In just one day, a person can travel through the history by visiting all the different museums and churches, seeing Roman ruins, medieval abbeys and some attractions of the modern times, like the famous London Eye. And when one gets tired of the fast urban life of this global city, he can find tranquility and peace in one of the numerous parks and gardens in London – they are among the best in Europe and should not be avoided during the time in the Capital. The Top London Attractions are also some of the biggest attractions of the entire country, and should certainly be taken a look at.

Hyde Park

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The Hyde Park is something special – it is the most loved park in London, at least that’s what the Londoners say. It is one of the Royal Parks, which already makes it a perfect destination to pay a visit to. The Hyde Park covers an area of 625 acres and includes some interesting things, like the Speaker’s Corner and some of the best-looking memorials in London, like to one built in the honor of late Princess Diana.

Visiting Address: Northwest of the Buckingham Palace

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Piccadilly Circus

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This is a road junction which was built in 1819 to connect the Regent Street with the Piccadilly. Ever since then, it became one of the symbols of the England’s capital city. It is a really busy place, featuring numerous neon signs and attracting many tourists every year. When you take a look at the old pictures of this place, it always looked the same with some minor differences like the transport vehicles and signs not being neon but the conventional ones.

Visiting Address: Piccadilly Circus, W1D 7ET London

Tower of London

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Top London Attractions list would not be complete without the Tower of London, which is one of the symbols of the city. It was built by the famous William the Conqueror, who invaded England from Normandy in 1066 and became the first Norman King of England. The Tower of London had a pretty notorious past – it served as a prison for many years, all the way to 1950s. It is also known as a home to British crown jewels.

Visiting Address: EC3N 4AB London

The London Eye

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The London Eye is one of the newer symbols of London – it was opened on the 31 December 1999, celebrating the coming of the new millennium. This is a large Ferris wheel, the tallest on the continent, which has 32 passenger capsules which carry the visitors to the height of 135 meters and offers the most beautiful look at the capital city. Thousands of visitors can’t be wrong – one should definitely take a ride on the London Eye.

Visiting Address: SE1 7PB London

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Buckingham Palace

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This beautiful building is the official residence of the British monarch – Queen Elizabeth II. It can be found in the City of Westminster and it is certainly one of the London’s Top Attractions. Thousands of people come here each year, to see the famous Changing of The Guard and to take a stroll through the beautiful garden (which is opened only during the summer). It would be a huge mistake to come to England’s capital and visit the Buckingham Palace.

Visiting Address: Buckingham Palace, SW1A 1AA London

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Covent Garden

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This is one of the most popular shopping sites in London, and it is located between the Charing Cross Rd and the Drury Lane. One of the interesting things here is that this part of London had a pretty ill reputation, which was changed by the Act of the Parliament which established a trading district. It is a live, busy place filled with numerous bars with the best beer in London, and there are also many street performers.

Visiting Address: Bow St, Royal Opera House London

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St Paul’s Cathedral

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St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the symbols of London. This tall church was the highest building in the city for many years because of its tall dome. It is an Anglican Church which serves as the seat of the Bishop of London. It is a very busy place, as it has three services every day. It is pretty hard to decide which part of the church looks the best – both interior and exterior are pretty stunning.

Visiting Address: St Paul’s Churchyard, EC4M 8AD London

Churchill War Rooms

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Churchill War Rooms are a branch of the famous Imperial War Museum, and are built with the intention of transporting the visitors back to the scary days of the Second World War, during which London was bombed and these rooms served as the war cabinet of the British prime minister Sir Winston Churchill. Other than the war rooms themselves, the visitors can take a look at the rooms which tell the story of Churchill’s life.

Visiting Address: King Charles Street, SW1A 2AQ London

Westminster Abbey

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This grand church is famous for its function – it serves as a place of coronation of the British monarchs. it is located in the City of Westminster, close to the Parliament. The interesting thing about the Westminster Abbey is its age – it was established all the way back in the 10th century and it is among the oldest churches in the country. The exterior of the church is something unforgettable, and the interior houses many memorials and burials.

Visiting Address: Deans Yd 20, SW1P 3PA London

The Parliament

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The Palace of Westminster is one of the symbols of England and the United Kingdom. This beautiful building, situated on the northern bank of the Thames River, houses the Britain’s Parliament. It has the Gothic style architecture and one of the most famous towers of the country – the Big Ben. Top Attractions in London list simply can’t go without The Parliament – this is the heart of the political life in the United Kingdom and one of the most recognizable buildings.

Visiting Address: Westminster, SW1A 0AA London

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