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There are a few reasons for which one might avoid big, luxurious hotels and search for the smaller ones – the first reason might, of course, be money. The bed and breakfast hotels in London are pretty cheap and offer the guests a good night of sleep which will be followed by a nice, tasty breakfast. The second, most obvious reason is that bed and breakfast hotels are intended for those who want to stay over for just one night – B&B hotels are perfect for such things. The third reason would be the feel of the place – there are no big hotels that can offer that “homey” feel like the small, family run hotels can, and that is something that many people simply adore. Top London Bed And Breakfast Hotels are perfect places to stay for all those who have one of these three reasons to do so. These places are equipped with almost that guests might need, despite their size and price of the accommodation. Some of them are pretty stylish, and some of them are fairly simple, but all of them are definitely worth paying a visit to and staying at. These are the Top London Bed And Breakfast Hotels:

Luna & Simone Hotel

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The name of this hotel suggests that it is run by a family, giving that cozy feel of a home which many people are searching for when looking for a hotel. Luna & Simone Hotel is located on the Belgrave Rd and it is pretty close to the Pimlico station – 5 minutes of walking. Every room at this hotel offers free Wi-Fi, machines for the coffee making and the big TV screens. Guests will, of course, enjoy a tasty breakfast in the morning.

Visiting Address: Belgrave Rd (47-49), SW1V 2BB London

Roof Garden Rooms

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One of the Top Bed And Breakfast Hotels in London, Roof Garden Rooms is located in Knightsbridge, situated in a pretty townhouse. Eleven rooms at this hotel are really comfortable and offer soft beds, HD Television with a flat screen, free Internet and even the air conditioning, which is always greatly appreciated. The other good things about this place are a good room service, access to the telephone, central heating, and there is even a hairdryer.

Visiting Address: Pavilion Rd 30, SW1X 0HJ London

Martel Guest House

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Located on the Ridgeway Street, the Martel Guest House is a beautiful guest house known for its coziness. As it is close to Brent Cross shop and the station at the Golders Green, it has a pretty good location for all those who might want to use the hotel as their base for exploring London. Martel Guest House has fine rooms with mini fridges, machines for hot beverages, free Internet, and big TV screens. There is also a free parking.

Visiting Address: The Ridgeway (27), NW11 8Qp London

Jesmond Dene Hotel

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Only two minutes of walking from the King’s Cross station, the Jesmond Dene is a great choice for those who are searching for a good bed & breakfast accommodation. It is situated in a traditional townhouse and has basic rooms with big television screens and the free access to Internet (there are also some upgraded rooms). Full English breakfast is served every morning, and the hotel is two miles away from the London Eye – a great place if you want to visit this major tourist attraction.

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Visiting Address: Argyle Street (27), WC1H 8EP London

Megaro Hotel

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Located on the opposite side of the station at the King’s Cross, the Megaro hotel has a great location as you can access to entire London from there – not only is station close, but so are the markets and restaurants of the Camden. The hotel itself is a nice combination of the Victorian exterior and the modern rooms inside it, which have free Wi-Fi, facilities for espresso making, rainforest showers, and every room has a nice kitchen.

Visiting Address: Belgrove Street, WC1H 8AB London

Heatherbank Guest House

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Heatherbank Guest House can be found on the in a row of three houses built in the Edwardian style, at the Woodside Park Road. It is pretty close to the Woodside Park Station, which means that it has a pretty convenient location. Booking a bed and breakfast accommodation here is a good choice, as the rooms have everything that a guest might need, combined with a nice English breakfast which is served in the morning, in the dining room.

Visiting Address: Woodside Park Road (29), N12 8RT London

Bay Tree House

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How can one make a list of Top Bed And Breakfast accommodations in London without the Bay tree House? This hotel is situated in a Victorian house, having beautiful rooms with stunning decoration. The rooms are equipped with a standard set of commodities – there is a free Wi-Fi (a necessity in this age), TV with a DVD player, and a shower. The great thing here is the breakfast – it is tasty and served in a room which overlooks a garden.

Visiting Address: Brookdale (59), N11 1BS London

The Sumner Hotel

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This particular hotel is located in a beautiful Georgian townhouse, situated on the Upper Berkeley, a street which dated all the way back to the beginning of the 19th century. The hotel is really close to the Marble Arch station – it is only a few minutes of walking away. The stylish rooms at the Sumner Hotel have all the necessary things – there’s the air conditioning, TVs with flat screens, free Wi-Fi, and mini fridges. The lounge is equipped with computers for the guests to use them.

Visiting Address: Upper Berkeley St 54, W1H 5QR London

The Royal Foundation of St Katharine

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Located in the peaceful gardens in the East End of London, The Royal Foundation of St Katharine is definitely among the best bed & breakfast accommodation that one can find in London. It is a beautiful hotel which is run by a charity, and it features cozy rooms with each of them being equipped with machines for making tea and coffee and free Internet access. There’s also the continental breakfast and the hotel is just half an hour of walking from the Tower Bridge.

Visiting Address: Butcher Row (2), E14 8DS London

Holiday Inn Express

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One who comes to Holiday Inn Express definitely won’t be disappointed – it is a nice place with comfortable rooms, each of them having soft beds, the access to Internet and machines for making the tea and coffee.  And after a good night of sleep, the guest are able to have a taste of a nice breakfast, after which they can relax in a lounge. Holiday Inn Express also has a good location – it’s across the bus station (Wheatsheaf Lane).

Visiting Address: Lambeth Road (87 S), SW8 1RN London

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