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The tourists who come to visit the capital city of England have the intention of seeing as many of the tourists attractions of this city as possible – and, in order to do that, they need to save the money and not spend it on the luxurious hotels (that money can buy the ticket, to, sat, the London Eye) but to book a room at one of the more affordable hotels. And there is a great number of such hotels in London – there is definitely cheaper than the expensive hotels. The list of the Top London Budget Hotel Brands will try to answer the dilemma about which chains of the cheaper hotels are the best? Some of them are older, some newer, but these five brands are guaranteed to deliver nice accommodation to their guests, providing them with all the necessary things, like the access to Internet or the machines which make coffee or tea. These places, of course, don’t have that luxurious look and feel like The Ritz or The Lanesborough – but that is not important to those who just want to explore one of the biggest cities of Europe. The Top London Budget Hotel Brands are:


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There are over 50 Travelodge hotels in the capital city of the United Kingdom, as this chain of affordable hotels is rapidly expanding throughout the country. Travelodge has over 30,000 bedrooms in the country, placing it on the second place of budget hotels sector, the first one being Premier Inn. The guests can book these rooms at the stunning price of just 30 pounds. The rooms are separated into three categories – there are the family ones, the rooms for the disabled people and the double rooms, each of them being equipped with free coffee and tea, as well as with the en-suite bathrooms. Wi-Fi can be found at all of the Travelodge hotels, but it requires a fee. New Travelodge buildings have the new design for the rooms while the older buildings have been refurbished and modernized with new color schemes and the addition of a flat TV screen. Some of the locations of London’s Travelodge hotels are Marylebone, Covent Garden, Southwark and others.

Tune Hotels

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This chain of cheaper hotels originates from Malaysia, and it has just a few hotels in the United Kingdom. But fear not – these places are already known to be really good choices who are searching for a combination of a lower price and a pleasant accommodation. There are five Tune Hotels in London – in Westminster, Canary Wharf, King’s Cross, Paddington, and on the Liverpool Street. Besides these hotels in London, the other ones can be found in Edinburgh, in Newcastle, and in Liverpool. The most well-known of them would probably be the one in Westminster. It offers bright, clean rooms which are equipped with flat-screen TVs, en-suite bathrooms, and access to the Internet in the form of Wi-Fi. There is even the air-conditioning – always a nice addition in the budget range of hotels. Breakfast, unfortunately, requires a small surcharge, but the customers are still giving praise the other perks of Tune Hotels, especially to their location, as they are always close to some of the major attractions and to transport stations.

Holiday Inn Express

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Holiday Inn Express is a chain of both mid-price and low-cost hotels which was established in 1991, in the United States, with the first hotel in Europe being opened five years later – in 1996 (in Scotland). There are over 2,300 Holiday Inn Express hotels in the world, and they are offering a good accommodation for a small amount of money. There is a number of these hotels surrounding London, as there are some of them in the center of it, like the ones on the Old Street and at Victoria and Earl’s Court. The best known of them is probably HIE London City, which is close to the Old Street station and represents a good base for those about to explore the city. This hotel is a nice example of the Holiday Inn Express hotels – there are some really comfortable rooms with the en-suite bathrooms, satellite television and there is even a tasty breakfast in the morning. Holiday Inn Express is certainly among the Top Budget Hotel Brands in London.

Premier Inn

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Premier Inn is most certainly one of Top London’s Budget Hotel Brands. It is the biggest hotel brand in the entire country, as it has a stunning number of 700 hotels which house over 50,000 rooms. Premier Inn was established in 1987 to compete with Travelodge, and it has more locations than the rival now, these locations being in the centers of the cities, near the airports and in the suburbs. Premier Inn hotels guarantee coziness and safety, and it’s pretty hard to go wrong by booking a room at one of their hotels. Every room is clean and has all the commodities, like the comfortable beds, friendly staff and, of course, access to the Internet (Wi-Fi). One of the best things about the Premier Inn chain of hotels is that every hotel has a restaurant, making the guests able to eat tasty meals after waking up in the morning. The capital city of England has plenty of Premier Inn hotels, all of them easy to find.


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Ibis is an international hotel company which was founded in 1974, in France – in 2014, there was the opening of the 1000th Ibis hotel in Indonesia. A large number of these hotels is based in the home country (France), with the rest of them distributed across Europe and other continents. Some of those hotels can be found in London, and booking a room at one of them is a good choice – Ibis hotels are known for the spotless rooms, featuring comfortable beds and the so-called power showers. Guests are especially praising the friendly staff which is the hallmark of Ibis, as well as the emphasis that this chain puts on the economy – a simple yet functional accommodation for a small sum of money (it’s should be also noted that Ibis hotels offer an array of small extras, like bottled water or newspapers). Some of the London locations of Ibis hotels are Kensington, Blackfriars, the one in the financial district (official name is City of London), and others.

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