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England is known for many things – and one of them is certainly the care that the English people have for their gardens. The sight of a perfectly shaped and decorated garden that is well tended to is among the first associations that a person can have when thinking of England. London, the capital of the country, has a great number of beautiful gardens and parks, some of them well-known to public and some of them almost hidden, and requiring a person to do a bit of searching. In this list, we’re going to focus on the Top London Gardens, and not on the parks – they’re something else. Top London Gardens are a sanctuary to Londoners, who often have a fast style of life in this global city and sometimes just need to relax somewhere, and that is when the gardens come in – they are green, calming and it is a true pleasure to spend time in them. These places range all the way from the smaller ones, like the Fulham Palace Gardens, to the humongous gardens in Kew, which are among the biggest in both United Kingdom and in the world. Be sure to visit at least one of these magnificent places.

Charlton House Gardens

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Among the several houses in England that are bearing this name, the most well-known is the one in London, which was built in 1610. It can be found in the part of the city known as Charlton and it is probably the best example of the Jacobean houses in the capital. The house is surrounded by a beautiful garden that is definitely worth paying a visit to. Here, you can also take a look at the oldest Mulberry tree in the country.

Visiting Address: Charlton Rd, SE7 8RE London

Chiswick House Gardens

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This house was built in 1729, and it has to be said that is an example of the Neo-Palladian architecture, which is something that can be rarely seen. 65 acres around the house are covered by a stunning garden, which was created by William Kent, who tried to somehow recreate the look and feel of the old Roman gardens and he largely succeeded in his attempt. This is, also, the first known example of the so-called English landscape gardens.

Visiting Address: Chiswick – Burlington Lane, W4 2RP London

Kyoto Garden

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Now, this is something that the tourists from the Far East never miss visiting – this particular garden can be found in the famous Holland Park and it was opened in 1991. The garden was a gift from Japan to the United Kingdom, as a sign of the friendship and cooperation. The entire garden is built in a way to recreate the look and feel of the Japanese gardens – it is a tranquil place, with peacocks, waterfalls, and stone lanterns.

Visiting Address: Holland Park – Avenue 100, W11 4UA London

Chelsea Physic Garden

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This is the second oldest of the botanical gardens on the island – the oldest one can be found at the Oxford University. Chelsea Physic Garden was created all the way back in 1673, and it is among the oldest to be focused on the alpine plants. Two very interesting things here to take a look at are the biggest olive tree in the United Kingdom and the grapefruit which grows outdoors – which is almost impossible this far north!

Visiting Address: Royal Hospital Road 66, SW3 4HS London

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The Garden Museum

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The church around which this museum is based was supposed to be demolished back in the seventies, but a rich couple found out that there are two tombs in the churchyard – both of them being the tombs of the royal gardeners all the way back in the 17th century. This made them create a Museum which focuses on the history of gardening, the first one on the planet. Here, you can take a look at the unique plants, tools and photographs.

Visiting Address: Lambeth Palace Gardens, London

Eltham Palace Gardens

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This particular palace is located in the Greenwich Borough, which is in the Southeast London. It is tended by the English Heritage, which opened both the palace and its gardens to the public. The gardens that surround the building are absolutely stunning, and definitely deserve a place among the Top Gardens in London. They can be hired for weddings, and are pretty easy to get to since the railway stations are pretty close to them.

Visiting Address: Eltham, Greenwich, SE9 5QE London

Fulham Palace Gardens

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The palace, which is surrounded by a walled garden, was built in the 13th century and it once was a seat on the Bishops of London. After that, it served as a countryside home for them, up until 1975. The garden is simply mesmerizing – there is a load of the rarest plants to be seen here. The thing to see here is the holm oak which is 500 years old – you don’t see a tree that old every day.

Visiting Address: Bishop’s Avenue, SW6 6EA London

Buckingham Palace Gardens

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These gardens are owned by the Queen Elizabeth II herself and are definitely among the Top London Gardens. They are located on the west side of the palace and are opened only in the summer. Covering the area of 42 acres, this place always has at least 8 gardeners who tend to it during the entire year, sometimes having help from the part-time workers. Thousands of tourists take a walk through this beautiful, royal garden.

Visiting Address: The Queen’s Gardens, SW1A 1AA London

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Hampton Court Gardens

The Pond Garden

These gardens, covering 60 acres of land, surround the famous Hampton Court Palace, which was a residence of one of the most famous English kings – King Henry VIII. One other king, William III, wanted these gardens to be better than the ones in Versailles, so he enlarged both the gardens and the palace. One thing that should definitely be paid a visit to here is the famous maze, which was planted all the way back in the 1600s.

Visiting Address: East Molesey, KT8 9AU Surrey

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

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One can’t go to London with the intention of visiting the gardens and miss the one in Kew – this is by far the largest group of living plants on the planet. This garden covers a huge area of over 300 acres and receives over a million visitors every year. It’s pretty hard to be bored here – there are ponds, bridges, galleries, buildings, plant houses, museums and many more things that make a visit to Kew Gardens something unforgettable.

Visiting Address: Kew – Richmond, TW9 3AB Surrey

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