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London is well-known for its rich history – being the capital of the long-standing monarchy, this city is bound to have some palaces in it. And it does – there is a load of them, each one more beautiful than the previous. Everyone, of course, knows for the Buckingham Palace – that is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II and one of the major tourist attractions. But Buckingham Palace isn’t the only one, of course. Londoners and tourists can always pay a visit to other Top London Palaces, many of them being homes of the British monarchs at one time. Whether it is the Hampton Court Palace or the Windsor Castle – visitors are guaranteed to have a great time and dive into the rich history of the British Monarchy. These places have beautiful exteriors and interiors, filled with magnificent architectural solutions and gorgeous paintings, furniture, old armors and almost always being surrounded by gardens which are among the best-looking ones on the entire Island. While some of them are empty and serve just as the tourist attractions, some of them are still highly functional, like the Palace of Westminster which serves as the United Kingdom’s parliament. These are the Top London Palaces:

St James’s Palace

pal 10

This palace is located in the City of Westminster and it is the monarch’s official residence, even though the Queen and her family haven’t lived here for years. It was built by the famous King Henry VIII in 1531 and it serves as the official house of the Royal Court, but without the Queen – she is at the Buckingham Palace. This palace is also well-known as being the place of reception of heads of states and important people.

Visiting Address: Marlborough Road, SW1A 1BS London

Banqueting House

pal 9

This is the surviving part of the famous Whitehall Palace, which was the official residence of the Monarch and the royal family from 1530 to 1698, when it was, unfortunately, destroyed by fire. The Banqueting Palace itself was established all the way back in 1622, and it managed to survive the great fire only because of its isolated position. One other famous event that happened here is the execution of King Charles I, back in 1649.

Visiting Address: Whitehall, SW1A 2ER London

Kensington Palace

pal 8

This particular palace is well known as being the birthplace of Queen Victoria, who is definitely among the most famous British monarchs. It was also the home of Princess Diana during the ’80s and 90s, until her death in the car accident. Visitors can choose one of the routes through this beautiful palace and see the things like the court of King George I, or the rooms of the young Victoria, who was still a princess then.

Visiting Address: Kensington Gardens, W84PX London

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Windsor Castle

pal 7

Located in the western area of England’s capital, this palace is the weekend residence of the British monarch – Queen Elizabeth II, who also carries the name of the House of Windsor. The building was established by the famous William the Conqueror, and ever since then it was used by the various kings and queens and it holds the status of the longest-occupied palace in Europe. This is definitely one of the Top Palaces in London, as it is visited by a million of tourists every year.

Visiting Address: Windsor and Maidenhead, SL4 1NJ London

Buckingham Palace

pal 6

This beautiful building is the official residence of the Queen, and one of the biggest tourist attractions in not only London but the entire United Kingdom. It is opened for visiting every summer, and it is surrounded by one of the most beautiful gardens in the capital of England. Tourists also come here to take a look at the famous Changing of The Guard. Buckingham Palace is one of the symbols of London and of the British Monarchy.

Visiting Address: SW1A 1AA London

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Kew Palace

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Kew Palace is located in the Kew Gardens which can be found in the east side of London. One of the monarchs, King George III, liked to spend so much time at this palace that he got a nickname for it – “farmer George” – because, at the time, the Kew Palace was far away from the urban London. This is also a place where King Charles held a grand dinner, in the honor of his mother’s 80th birthday.

Visiting Address: Royal Botanic Gardens, Surrey TW9 3AB

Eltham Palace

pal 4

This palace, which was restored by the English Heritage, is located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Eltham Palace is famous for being a place where King Henry VIII grew up. As the palace slowly felt into disrepair, it was, fortunately, bought by a rich couple who repaired it in the 1930s, adding the architecture of the Art Deco which was very popular between the two World Wars. This beautiful building is certainly one of the Top Palaces in London.

Visiting Address: Eltham Palace, SE9 London

Hampton Court Palace

pal 3

This palace, built in 1515, is located in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is definitely the oldest surviving of the Tudor palaces in England. The coolest thing here is the sort of the mixture of two styles – the Tudor and the Baroque one, the later being the consequence of the rebuilding of the palace which happened in 17th century on the order of King William II – he tried to match the beauty of the French Versailles.

Visiting Address: East Molesey, KT8 9AU London

Tower of London

pal 2

The Tower of London is one of the symbols of London, and it has a lot of visitors every single year. One of the London’s Top Palaces, this building can be found on bank of the Thames River, and it was built by William the Conqueror after he invaded England from Normandy all the way back in 1066. The most famous purpose of this place was it being a prison for a very long time.

Visiting Address: EC3N 4AB London

Palace of Westminster

pal 1

This large, beautiful building serves as the United Kingdom’s Parliament, housing the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The original building was built all the way back in the 11h century, and it served as a residence of the English monarch until it was destroyed by fire in the 16th century. The most famous thing here is the Big Ben tower, which is definitely one of the symbols of London and of the entire United Kingdom.

Visiting Address: SW1A 0AA London

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