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Museums, churches, palaces and other sorts of buildings aren’t the only attractions that the visitors can see in the capital city of England – London is also famous for its huge, beautiful parks, which are the perfect places for the Londoners and the tourists to take a relaxing walk in. These places range from the smaller ones to the huge Royal Parks, which are opened and tended to during the entire year. These parks, owned by the Monarchy of the United Kingdom, cover a huge area of over 2,000 hectares and are certainly among the Top London Parks, and also among the best in the world. Walking is not the only thing to do in them – there is a load of things to see and activities to engage in while visiting them, making these parks perfect destinations for relaxing and having fun after a long day of work. London parks are also very important to children – they are the only patches of green that a lot of kids can see in a huge, global city such as London. All of the Top London Parks offer some breathtaking views, which sometimes the only thing a person needs to see to feel better.

Crystal Palace Park

park 10

This particular park was established in 1854 and it is famous as a home to the National Sports Center. It has an athletic stadium, which was a host to many sports events back at the start of the last century (FA Cup is a good example). The central thing in this park was the famous Crystal Palace, after which the park got its name – but the palace itself was destructed by fire in 1936. Children adore this place for the famous dinosaur models.

Visiting Address: Thicket Road, SE19 2GA London

Lee Valley Park

park 9

The Lee Valley Park stretches for a stunning distance of 26 miles, covering the Lee River. 10,000 acres of land make this park absolutely large, and it covers many areas, such as Enfield, Broxbourne, Walthamstow, Tottenham, Stratford, Hoddesdon, Clapton, Chestnut and many more. The park even reaches the counties of Hertfordshire and Essex, and it offers some of the most beautiful sights a tourist who visits London can see. The Lee Valley Park is definitely worth paying a visit to.

Visiting Address: Bull Cross, Enfield EN2 9HG London

Hampstead Heath

park 8

Covering the area of almost 800 acres, Hampstead Heath Park can be found in the Borough of Camden. This park is managed by The Corporation of London and it is among the oldest in England – it was first mentioned in 986, when Ethelred the Unready assigned five units of land to one of his servants at “Hemstede”. Hampstead Heath Park is famous for its wildlife, which is pretty various – foxes, squirrels, frogs, snakes, and rabbits, as well as deer and parakeets.

Visiting Address: Borough of Camden, London

Hyde Park

park 7

This is the most loved park in London – at least, that’s what the surveys say. Created in 1637 by King Charles I, this is one of the most famous parks in the capital, as it hosted many important events, like the Great Exhibition of 1851. You like Pink Floyd? Hyde Park is the last place where the progressive rock band played in its full lineup. Visitors can also see beautiful memorials here, the best one of them being Princess Diana’s one.

Visiting Address: Northwest of the Buckingham Palace

St James’ Park

park 6

This park can is located in the City of Westminster, and it is known for its colonies of pelicans and ducks. It is one of the most beautiful parks in London, as it covers the area of 57 acres and it has a stunning lake with two small islands in it – West and Duck Island. This is also the home of the well-known Horse Guards Parade. Visitors can also take a rest in the Inn The Park cafe.

Visiting Address: SW1 2BJ London

The Regent’s Park

park 5

This large park is situated both in the City of Westminster and in the Borough of Camden. It covers a huge area of 410 acres and it is divided into two circles – the Inner and the Outer one. The Inner circle encloses the most beautiful part of the park. Here, the visitors can pay a visit to the London Zoo and watch some of the many sports that are played here – like football, rugby, cricket, tennis, hockey, and many others.

Visiting Address: Chester Rd, NW1 4NR London

Richmond Park

park 4

Of all the Royal Parks, this one is the biggest – it covers a humongous area of over 2,500 acres and it is visited by a large number of both Londoners and tourists during the entire year. The best thing about this park is its large herd of over 600 deer, which makes is a perfect place for the city people to feel the atmosphere of the wilderness. There are also many activities to engage in here, like fishing, golf and cycling.

Visiting Address: Richmond – Greater London

Bushy Park

park 3

One of the Top Parks in London, it was created by the famous King Henry VIII, as he joined three parks into one – Hare Warren, Middle Park and the old Bushy Park, in 1529. It is the second largest of the Royal Parks, as it cover a large area of over 1,000 acres. Visitors who come to this park, which is located in the Richmond upon Thames Borough, can see herds of deer, plantations of trees, beautiful fishing ponds, and even the horse rides.

Visiting Address: Hampton Court Road, Middlesex TW12 2EJ

Clapham Common Park

park 2

Clapham Common Park covers the area of 220 acres and it has an interesting, triangular shape, unlike many other parks in London. Once it was just a common land for the parishes of Battersea and Clapham, the Metropolitan Common Act made this area a park in 1878. The most interesting thing here is that the three ponds, which can be found at the location, were used by the famous Benjamin Franklin for his experimentations. The park is overlooked by the beautiful Holy Trinity church.

Visiting Address: Windmill Drive, SW4 9DE London

Victoria Park

park 1

“Vicky” park, as the Londoners like to call it, was opened to the public all the way back in 1845 and it is probably the best park in the East End. Music festivals are the most important events happening here – the park is famous for its The Clash concert (1980) and the Radiohead concert (2008), while the music festivals that take place here are Lovebox and High Voltage Festival. It’s definitely one of the London’s Top Parks.

Visiting Address: Grove Road, Bow, E3 5TB London

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