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London is very well-known as the City of Museums, having a great number of them and being a perfect destination for those who like to dive into the history and take a look at the huge collections of artifacts. Science museums of the England’s capital city are something special – there is a lot of them, ranging all the way from the smaller ones to the famous Science Museum, which is also one of the major attractions of the town. And there is certainly bound to be so many museums dedicated to science, since Britain gave some of the best scientists to the world – like, for example, Michael Faraday, Alexander Graham Bell, Edmond Halley, Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, James Watt, Alexander Fleming and others. These people contributed to the world and made Britain famous as a place of science, the origin of the “Origin of Species”, of the theories about Earth’s gravity, and maybe the most important thing – the Industrial Revolution, which changed the face of the planet. Tourists will be glad to know that many aspects and branches of science are covered by Top London Science Museums, all the way from surgery to great machines of the 19th century. These are the Top London Science Museums:

Royal Institution Museum

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This science museum is located at the Royal Institution (founded in 1799), which is on the Albemarle Street. Even though it is quite small, it is pretty hard to get bored here – the collection is distributed across three floors and the visitors can take a look at numerous instruments, all of them important for shaping the face of science throughout the centuries. There is also a bonus – visitors are able to refresh themselves at the bar, which also has a kitchen.

Visiting Address: Albemarle Street, W1S 4BS London

Museum at British Dental Association

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This particular museum can be found at the British Dental Association, which was established in 1880 and it is considered to be the largest of the UK Dentists membership organizations. It is located in Wimpole Street and it offers the visitors to take a look at the huge collection of everything that has a connection with the dental science. There is a great number of photographs, archives, furniture, and dental instrument. It was certainly a lot scarier to visit the dentist in the 19th century!

Visiting Address: 64 Wimpole Street, W1G8YS London

Kirkaldy Testing Museum

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This interesting museum is located in Southwark and it got its name after David Kirkaldy, who used the building in the later half of the 19th century for his tests, which were done by his famous machine – the Universal Testing Machine (its purpose being testing of the materials). Visitors can take a look at all sorts of machines, both old and modern, and see for themselves how important the Industrial Revolution was for the world.

Visiting Address: Southwark Street 99, SE1 0JF London

St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum

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St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum is located on the Giltspur Street, and it transports the visitors back to the 13th century and carries them back to our time, and during this journey they are able to see the medical equipment of the past. There are interactive displays here, as well as the permanent exhibition of old archives and objects, like, for example, the agreement between King Henry VIII and the City of London which made the hospital reconstructed in 1546.

Visiting Address: Giltspur Street, London

Science Museum

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List of the Top Science Museums in London can’t go without the biggest and the most famous of them all – the Science Museum. It is located on the Exhibition Road and it is a major tourist attraction, being visited by at least three million people every year. It houses a humongous collection of over 300,000 items, distributed across many floors and having historical objects like the first locomotive in the world – the Stephenson’s Rocket.

Visiting Address: Exhibition Road, SW7 2DD London

Florence Nightingale Museum

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This museum is dedicated to famous Florence Nightingale, who could be called the mother of the modern nursing in the United Kingdom. It is located in the Hospital of St Thomas and opened during the entire week. Inside, the visitors will find three pavilions with each one telling a part of Florence’s story – first one being about her childhood, the second about her works at the military hospitals, and the final one being about Nightingale’s reformations of the nursing.

Visiting Address: Lambeth Palace Road 2, SE1 7EW London

Anaesthesia Heritage Centre

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Anaesthesia Heritage Centre is, as the name suggests, all about anesthesia and its history. The first demonstration of anesthetic which was inhalational was done by William Morton, in 1846, and ever since then, the anesthesia slowly became the standard in the world of medicine. Just imagine how horrible the surgeries must have been before it! The museum is opened only four days during the week, from 10:00 to 16:00, but it has a free admission.

Visiting Address: Portland Pl 21, W1B 1PY London

Old Operating Theatre

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Old Operating Theatre is located in Southwark, in the garret of the St Thomas Church. Inside, the visitors are able to see one of the oldest operating theaters in the world, dating all the way back from 1822 – it was used before the time of anesthesia. The museum was founded in 1962 and it houses a large collection of all kinds of medical artifacts and instruments which were used in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Visiting Address: St Thomas Street 9a, SE1 9RY London

Hunterian Museum

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The Hunterian Museum can be found at the Royal College of Surgeons, and it houses a collection owned by famous John Hunter, a surgeon from Scotland and the pioneer of his profession. His role in the history of medicine is very important – his research in the fields of child development, dentistry, gunshot wounds and other branches is of a great significance. Here, visitors are able to take a look at many anatomical specimens, like the skeleton of the “Irish Giant”.

Visiting Address: Lincoln’s Inn Fields 35-43, WC2A 3PE London

Wellcome Collection

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One of the London’s Top Science Museums, the Wellcome Collection is located on the Euston Roan and it allows the visitors to take a look at a large collection of medical artifacts and instruments. It is the part of the Wellcome Trust, which was founded by the famous traveller Sir Henry Wellcome. There is a great number of things to see here – books, paintings, objects – all with the theme of medicine. The museum has a free admission.

Visiting Address: Euston Road, NW1 2BE London

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