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Top London Soho Pubs and Clubs

Soho has been considered a part of London where anything goes and everyone is welcome, no matter what your sexual preferences might be, no matter what kind of lifestyle you’re into there’s something in Soho waiting for you. In the 1980s this district of London began changing rapidly and as the years went by no longer was it considered to be the main hub of the sex industry. Don’t get disappointed just yet, what it lost it quickly started making up with fun bars and clubs that were popping up everywhere. And it’s still the sinful part of town, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But it’s all done in a fun and playful way. It doesn’t matter how eclectic your tastes might be, if anything Soho is probably more diverse than one could imagine. Especially someone who is not from London. The top bars and clubs in Soho are also, arguably, the best ones in London. Ranging from the most popular gay venues (the Gay Village is also located in Soho), to the best cabaret venues, to modern or traditional pubs and bars. Soho has got it all, from trendy and fashionable boutiques that reside next to sex shops. Here’s our list of some of the best pubs and clubs in Soho.

De Hems

De HemsThe De Hems pub use to serve as a refuge for nostalgic Dutch sailors and during WW2 it served as a gathering place for the Dutch resistance. Nowadays it attracts beer connoisseurs that enjoy Benelux brews above all. They serve numerous types of beers from this region and the snacks they offer are mostly a fusion of Dutch and English cuisines. The menu resembles the ones you’d find in most Amsterdam cafes.

Visiting address: 11 Macclesfield Street, London, W1D 5BW

Crown & Two Chairmen

Crown & Two ChairmenSomewhat in between of being quirky and traditional, the Crown & Two Chairmen boasts a beautiful room where the atmosphere and friendly banter is bound to make you a returning customer. The pub food and snacks on the menu are all freshly made and you can’t go wrong ordering a classic dish. The Sunday roast at the Crown & Two Chairmen has become something of a legend in Soho.

Visiting address: 31-32 Dean Street, London, W1D 3SB

Coach & Horses

Coach & HorsesPickled eggs anyone? The Coach & Horses offer pickled eggs in ten different flavors. Vegetarians will also appreciate their menus. The veggie burgers are quite nice. This pub is the epitome of Soho, where the traditional and progressive meet. One can’t help but feel that the décor is too old fashioned and the rugs too worn out. On the other hand it has adopted numerous ideas and philosophies of the modern era. This mix between the old and new is what really makes this place stand out.

Visiting address: 29 Greek Street, London, W1D 5DH

Club 49

Club 49Located on the same street as the previous pub we mentioned, Club 49 is packed with people dancing on the floor while the resident DJ blasts the hottest RnB, house, and hip hop tunes. Upstairs is where the VIP lounge is located along with the main bar. The cocktails they serve are the classics with which no one can go wrong. Definitely among the better clubs in Soho where you can dance your troubles away. Until 3am anyway.

Visiting address: 49 Greek Street, London, W1D 4EG

The Roxy

The RoxyAfter a few popular clubs closed down like the Astoria and Metro, where they finished the Roxy club took off. The cheap beverages and the insanely popular anthems everyone knows is what gives this club its aura and appeal to the younger crowds. On certain nights it’s hard getting inside, but if you don’t mind waiting in queue perhaps it’s going to be an unforgettable evening. This is one club that’s definitely made for the masses.

Visiting address: 3-5 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HJ

Café de Paris

Café de ParisThis cabaret venue opened its doors 90 years ago and it’s still going strong. It only took a break from its normal activities during the rough 40’s. In its rich and colorful history some world famous people performed here, like Frank Sinatra, Tony Hancock, Noel Coward etc. Whether you’re interested in the nightclub aspect of it, or the cabaret, you really can’t go wrong with it. If anything it deserves a chance only because of its history.

Visiting address: 3-4 Coventry Street, London, W1D 6BL

The Box

The BoxWhen talking about Soho’s finest clubs, it’s practically impossible not to mention The Box. Because of its exclusivity and outrages prices many will probably never have a chance at seeing their amazing cabaret shows. Rumors about celebrity scandals that took place here are so common it’s not even interesting anymore. But it wouldn’t be fair not to recognize the quality of the shows as they are all done with great attention to detail, good production value and the performers are among the most skilled. Have a few thousand pounds you could spare on a single evening? Well, The Box might be worth checking out.

Visiting address: 11-12 Walker’s Court, London, W1F 0BD

Argyll Arms

Argyll ArmsA person by the name of Robert Sawyer created this magnificent and ornate pub in the late 19th century. Today it’s a listed as a Grade II building with tremendous architectural value. The pub boasts a vast array of different ales and beers, more than enough to suit even the pickiest amongst us. The pub has multiple little intimate spaces where one could fine a sanctuary for an evening.

Visiting address: 18 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TP

Dog & Duck

Dog&DuckDuring the weekday afternoons this is a place where you can enjoy a cold one while soaking up the incredible vibe the Dog & Duck offers with its magnificent interior. Evenings however will be much more difficult, as it’s often packed full. It’s been acquired by a well known national chain and ever since some critics have been very vocal about their concerns. But you don’t need to be an expert of any kind to be awe-struck by this magnificent Soho pub.

Visiting address: 18 Bateman Street, London, W1D 3AJ

The French House

The French HouseHistory is important, even when we’re talking about boozers and bars. It was the French House in Soho that Charles de Gaulle called his workspace during World War 2. Nowadays it’s mostly known for the fact they serve beer in halves and the tremendous pub foods that are almost always finger-licking good. The photographs on the walls tell a story of a bygone era which can’t leave anyone indifferent.

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