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It’s always interesting getting to know a city and all its mysteries. Especially big cities such as London, where there are so many different cultures and sub-cultures. Whether it’s art, architecture, night clubs or pubs, the people who are passionate about these places and venues are what makes a city a living breathing thing. Strip clubs are sometimes presented in a wrong way, as being sleazy and raunchy establishments. The top London strip clubs will prove that there still are true classy gentlemen’s clubs out there. For someone who is not a Londoner it might sound strange, but the city has some of the most well known strip clubs in Europe, probably in the world as well. So if you’re a guy who’s about to get married and in need of place to throw a stag party, the choices are plentiful. The occasion doesn’t matter however, because everyone can enjoy a night out in a gentlemen’s club with a few drinks, good music and, of course, gorgeous women. If you’re a woman, don’t worry, because in London you can find the most popular show with male dancers, which will be included in the list below.



Majingo is a gentlemen’s club located in the Docklands near the river Thames. The interior design is heavily influenced by the art deco era, which gives this strip club a special vibe that will make you feel like a businessman from the 20’s. The women are gorgeous and they dance in the middle of the club where the dancing stage is situated. Everything about this London strip club screams quality, but as it often does, it carries with it some fairly steep prices as well.

Visiting address: Commercial Road 556, London, E14 7JD

Spearmint Rhino


Spearmint Rhino is actually a chain of gentlemen’s clubs around the world. They have four locations in the UK, with the one in London being their flagship venue. Everything about this strip club is tasteful, luxurious and elegant but without being pretentious. The club boasts many VIP and private booths, a champagne lounge and numerous party rooms. During most days it’s open until 4am and the tasty cuisine they serve is mostly pan-Asian, in case you get hungry.

Visiting address: 161 Tottenham Court Road, Bloomsbury, London, W1T 7NN



SophistiCats is a strip club that might just have the hottest and sexiest dancers in London. Completely nude lap dances or table dances with their amazing women will probably leave quite an impression on anyone present. VIP areas and private booths are plentiful. The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly. Drinks are certainly on the pricey side however, but after a relaxing lap dance, you won’t mind spending a few pounds extra.

Visiting address: Marylebone Lane 28, Marylebone, London, W1U 2DR

Secrets 2 Swiss Cottage


The Secrets strip clubs consist of 4 venues spread through London. All of them offer a very intimate and warm atmosphere, but the Swiss Cottage Secrets 2 is slightly different in its design, which some will appreciate. The performers are incredibly sexy and are always in the mood to make your night into a memorable one with a fully nude table dance. If you’re seeking an exciting and thrilling night out, be sure to visit the Secrets 2 strip club.

Visiting address: Finchley Road 309, London, NW3 6EH

The Red Rooms Gentlemen’s Club


In the West End of London, The Red Rooms Gentlemen’s club is probably the hottest one, having the most beautiful ladies whose lap dances will make you completely forget about all your troubles. The décor and interior is vibrant and quite relaxing. Prices are more than reasonable and there’s a great bar selection of drinks. Door charges amount to 20 pounds. If by any chance you’re looking for a venue for a stag party, the Red Rooms Gentlemen’s club will be a perfect choice.

Visiting address: Great Queen Street 4, London, WC2B 5DG

Forbidden Nights


Strictly speaking, this isn’t a club, rather a male show that all the ladies will enjoy. It’s considered to be London’s best male stripper show. The shows are anything but mundane, considering it’s a genuine mix between dancing, theatre, singing and of course male striptease. These lads have much more to offer than just their muscular ripped bodies, they are truly talented as well. After appearing in Britain’s Got Talent, the show really gained popularity, for good reasons too. You can book tickets on their website or find more information about the show.

For Your Eyes Only


Thanks to its location in the heart of London’s financial district, most visitors are businessmen looking to relax and blow off some steam. It is one of the largest strip clubs in London, which means plenty of stunning dancers as well. There are 48 private booths and an amazing 25 champagne lounges in the club. If you visit this place, be prepared to part with a considerable amount of money. After all, the best things in life don’t come cheap, even if many say otherwise.

Visiting address: City Road, London, EC1 Y1AG

The Windmill International


If you value tradition, The Windmill International is the perfect place to completely enjoy and indulge yourself. The club began operating in 1931 and became notorious during World War 2, as it stayed open during the whole war. Hence their legendary slogan that states “We never closed”. Numerous British comedians have launched their careers from this iconic adult establishment. The hostesses are polite and the dancers are exquisite. The Windmill International is one night venue that no one should miss out on.

Visiting address: Great Windmill Street 17-19, Soho, London, W1D 7JZ

The Gaslight Gentlemen’s Club


Yet another strip club with great history behind it is The Gaslight of St. James’s. It has recently underwent a full renovation and refurbishment. It is situated in one of London’s most admirable areas, with Buckingham Palace being within walking distance. The women are absolutely gorgeous and when they begin their table dance, you’ll wonder why you never visited this venue earlier.

Visiting address: 4 Duke of York Street, Mayfair, London, SW1Y 6LA

Peter Stringfellow’s Angels Soho


We’ve saved the best for last, as Peter Stringfellow’s strip club in Soho is arguably the finest of its kind in Europe, certainly in London. It boasts numerous bars, private booths and intimate hideaways.

Peter Stringfellow’s clubs are also known to have top notch chefs in the kitchen, so it’s a guarantee that the food will be amazing too. If it’s class and entertainment you want in one package, this is the night venue for you.

Visiting address: 201-203 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 8ZH

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