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Top Nightclubs in London

Cities like London, with great history behind them, are often hot spots where each community can find its place. Whether it’s arts, fine dining, history or the night life. During the nights certain places in London come alive, and this is when the party begins. We’ll be taking a look at the top London nightclubs this amazing city has to offer. Many great musicians and performers began their careers in these clubs while entertaining the local crowds and tourists before becoming big names themselves. Whether you’re into techno and electro sounds, rock ‘n’ roll or pop music, there’s something waiting for you in London that’s gonna blow your mind. Some of these top London nightclubs are true superclubs that have no issues taking things to extremes and going above and beyond with their decadence, lavishness and prices as well. But some have not forgot what clubbing use to look like, and realize it’s a scene that should be accessible to everyone who’s interested. Whether you like clubs that are more glamorous or clubs that offer a more alternative or oldschool vibe, there’s something for everyone in London, and it’s one of the reasons which makes this city great.



Fabric is a mega club that has managed to obtain legendary status in the world of clubbing. It’s arguably the best club in the UK and possibly the best one in the world as well. With big name DJs doing their best to give the crowd a time they’ll remember, this is one place no clubber should miss out on. If the partying becomes too hardcore, visitors can always kick back and relax on the massive reclining leather beds that are located in the club.

Visiting address: 77A Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6HJ

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If there’s one club that is always bustling and hosting tremendous artists and performers, it’s KoKo. Formerly it was known as the Camden Theatre that was built more than a century ago in 1900. Their events cover a wide range of different music genres, from rock, dance, blues and jazz. Some say KoKo is the heart of Camden Town. With its broad balconies and big stage, it resembles an opera house. But don’t be fooled, because some of the wildest parties and concerts have taken place here.

Visiting address: Camden High Street 1A, Camden Town, London

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XOYO is a nightclub that has a reputation for being cutting-edge in every sense of the word. DJs such as Simian Mobile, Digitalism, Felix Da Housecat, Jacques Lu Cont and many others have performed here. It has a capacity of up to 800 people, and when it’s full, the club is bursting with positive energy. Smokers will appreciate the fact that the club also has an outdoors terrace where smoking is allowed. XOYO functions as a hot spot for all sorts of different cultural events too.

The visiting address: 32-37 Cowper Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4AP


Ministry of Sound


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in London or not, if you like club, techno and house music, you’ve heard of Ministry of Sound. It was arguably the first superclub in the UK, which in-turn made the whole scene explode with clubs popping up left and right across the isles. This venue began losing traction in the late 90’s, but thankfully it has made a successful comeback, once again being home to some of the wildest parties in the UK. It deserves to be in any top nightclub list in London.

Visiting address: Elephant and Castle, London, 103 Gaunt Street



Clubs around the world try their hardest to attract the most number of visitors, and the way Proud2 does it is by being as lavish as possible. Partygoers will either love or hate the art deco design and fancy chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. But at the end of the day it’s the music that counts, and Proud2 easily attracts world class DJs who know how to get a party going. Prices are high, which is no surprise considering the effort that has been put into creating such a magnificent venue.

Visiting address: The O2 Arena Peninsula, Greenwhich, London SE10 0DX

Egg London


The Egg club is one of the most popular clubbing venues in London, and for good reasons too. Its stylish design spreads through all three floors of the club. Somewhat reminiscent of clubs in Ibiza, but with a special vibe that only clubbing Londoners can offer. What makes the Egg stand out the most is its outdoors yard, where visitors can watch the sun come up every Sunday during the Egg’s morning breakfast sessions.

Visiting address: King’s Cross, 200 York Way, London, N7 9AP

Corsica Studios


Corsica Studios managed to retain the feeling of what use to be an underground club. It’s located practically across the street from Ministry of Sounds, but they could just as well be worlds apart considering how different these clubs are. It’s all about experimenting with music, trying to bring two opposites together and creating magnificent fusions of electronic and indie music. Don’t be fooled though, while it’s not as flashy and fancy, it’s a venue that is well organized where everyone is welcome.

Visiting address: Unit 5 Farrell Court, 4-5 Elephant Court, London


Cargo London

If you ever find yourself in Shoreditch London, than you should definitely visit Cargo. It boasts a dance stage as well as an enormous deck garden with a barbecue, fooseball tables and comfortable seating. The snacks they offer are all reasonably priced for everyone’s pocket. But it’s when night falls when Cargo becomes a fierce dance venue where local and international DJs command the crowd’s attention with a wide variety of electronic music.

Visiting address: 83 Rivington St, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY

Proud Camden


Charming and laid back are the best words to describe this London gem of a nightclub. Some very well known musicians have played here throughout the years, such as Amy Winehouse, Peter Doherty and many others. The now well established venue was once used for housing horses. Its location is by far the worst part, as it’s no easily located, but once you reach this splendid destination, nothing will stop you from coming back for more.

Visiting address: The Horse Hospital, Stables Market, Chalk Farm road, London NW1 8AH



As far as upscale London nightclubs go, DSTRKT has to be one of the most magnificent ones. If you want to spend an evening indulging yourself in sheer decadence, DSTRKT is the place to be. Unlike the underground scene, this venue boasts an amazing restaurant that serves splendid and tasty meals accompanied with numerous fine wines. If you’re near Piccadilly Circus with money to spare and wanting to listen to some world class DJs, DSTRKT is a nightclub you have to visit.

Visiting address:  9 Rupert St, London W1D 6DG

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