Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a hugely iconic sight in the capital, one of those that seems to appear in every visitor’s picturesque view of the city. Stretching over the Thames, it’s best experienced at dusk or dawn, when the sun is first rising over the river.

The bridge itself actually offers relatively little, apart from the visual appeal and photo opportunity. There is a small observation deck towards the top that provides excellent views, but it isn’t going to thrill you in the same way that, say, the London Eye would. It’s not meant to though: the great attraction of Tower Bridge is getting to stand on a piece of history and lose yourself in an architectural marvel. Imagine all the people, high and lowborn, celebrated and loathed, that have walked where you’re walking, that have trodden these very steps.

We must remind you to please remember that this is called Tower Bridge and not London Bridge. This mistake is made constantly, and more than unhappy tourist has found themselves staring at the latter in disappointment; monolith of congested concrete that it is. An American businessman famously purchased the deeds to London Bridge, having made the same mistake. To say that he got ripped off is putting it lightly.


Address : Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 2UP

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