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Twenty Nevern

Located in the heart of Earl’s Court, this hotel combines the elements that most travellers desire. Its prices are extremely good, to the extent that many people even find them a little bit suspicious. It’s in a great location, with the sights and sounds of London just minutes away. And the place itself is clean and stylish. On paper, it seems absolutely ideal.

In reality, it’s an oddity. The defining thing about the stays at Twenty Nevern seems to be their inconsistency. It’s Marmite: to some it’s an absolute steal, to others it’s the worst booking they’ve ever made. It’s hard to put your finger on what divides opinion so much. It’s not the most polished of hotels, but it does offer a fair amount of value for its price.

It’s a basic hotel, but it really does seem that people have rather different opinions on what that means.To some, it means a roof over your head. To others, it means few features but those that are provided must be high quality. The latter group will struggle with this place: it’s good but a little rough around the edges.


Address : 20 Nevern Square, London SW5 9PD

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