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We debated long and hard about even including this on the list because technically there’s no golf going on here. What there is is a simulation of gold, conducted on some incredible machines that accurately capture the feeling of the game. Swing your club in front of the greenscreen and sensors capture the angle, the force and other factors, then match them against generated adversity like grass texture and wind speed. It’s as close to the real thing as you’re going to get on a computer.

In any other place, we wouldn’t include it because of its inherently fake nature, but London isn’t exactly overflowing with great clubs or courses. For some people, taking an hour long train out to the edge of the city isn’t really an option. For these people, having access to gold without having to go to any extra effort is true blessing. For these people, Urban Golf is absolutely ideal. And who are we to say what’s really golf and what really isn’t. You still swing, you still feel the brilliant triumph when you hit a perfect shot and the crushing defeat when you hit the sandtraps. It’s golf, just in different clothing.


Address : Tube Station Shopping Arcade 125 Kensington High Street, London

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