White Hart Lane

The home of Tottenham Hotspurs, White Hart Lane is something of an oddity. London is one of the richest and most influential cities, and Tottenham are arguably its 3rd best club. In recent years, they’ve produced huge stars like Bale and Modric. They have a true and passionate following that makes their north London rivals look like a librarian’s outing. They have invested considerable money in their squad and have been managed by some of the world’s most promising young managers. One would expect their stadium to be a knockout, like Stamford Bridge and The Emirates. The truth however, is rather different.

Situated amongst fried chicken shops and run down commercial premises, the Lane is something of a dirty secret for Spurs. To be entirely honest, it’s not entirely underwhelming. It feels like the stadium of a club newly promoted, not one that has seen continued success and recently sold the world’s most expensive player.

Is it still worth a visit though? Yes, completely. Appearances can be deceiving. Watching Tottenham at home is still one of the loudest top flight experiences you’ll experience in the capital. The stadium may be lacking, but the fans’ passion is not.


Address : 748 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 0AP

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