YHA London Central

For years, YHA suffered from the same reputation as other hostels. The very word summoned up terrible images of dirty rooms, little space and noisy neighbours that would do your head in. Hostels were for the poor and the stupid, aka students.

So it was with surprise that many have re entered that world recently and found it transformed. The best hostels these days are clean, tidy and relatively quiet. They certainly don’t offer luxury, but as a place to crash they’re unbeatable.

Chief among them in the capital is YHA London Central. Located in the very heart of the city, it’s the perfect spot for anyone who wants to party until the early morning without having to worry about the night bus. If the sights and sounds of London are more important to you than utter privacy and a duck down pillow, then it might be as close to paradise as you’re ever going to find.

Ideally, you’ll want to avoid peak times as this is when the hostel becomes very full and busy. It’s also when you’ll tend to see streams of students on boozy trips, so avoid unless you happen to be one of them. Go during the rest of the year and you’ll find a much more agreeable mixture of tourists, travellers and a few revellers.


Address : 104 Bolsover St, London W1W 5NU

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