Z Hotel

Clean cut lines have gained something of a tarnished reputation in recent years. They’ve become a byline for second rate hotels and half-assed efforts, a “stylish” way of covering up a lack of effort and investment. There are countless hotels in the capital suffering from that kind of corner cutting, and it gives minimalism a bad name. Sometimes, less really can be more. This is most certainly one of those cases: the inside of Z Hotel is a stunning, spacious and clean example of just how much you can do with very little.

Prices are competitive too, which is rare. The few minimalist designs that get it right tend to be the ultra luxe ones: the kind of place that knows how much beauty there can be in a plain white of cream wall, with just the faintest splash of bright colours. You know the sort of pastel palace we mean, the one that is undoubtedly elegant but comes with a pricetag to match. Z Hotel isn’t like that. It’s a 3 star and proud, priced at a rate that is around what you would expect from the capital. It’s not quite a budget hotel, but it certainly doesn’t cost the earth.


Address : 17 Moor Street, London W1D 5AP

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