Hello, Fabulous February!

We would like to congratulate you on making it through the bone-chilling, penniless, and most depressing month of the year, January. We can happily wave the long month goodbye and give a warm welcome to fabulous February. It is a delight to see the hard earned money back in our accounts, where it rightfully belongs. With more money to play with there is more fun to be had. Well done to those who have managed to hang in there with the New Year’s resolutions; for those who caved in the first week…there is always next year.

Fuller Wallets, Fuller Lives

People all over London emerge from the zombie-mode and blossom into life once again. Rejoicing in the milder weather, fuller wallets, and happier attitudes. February is the month you revive your social spark. Drag your friends out of hibernation and banish those winter blues with refreshing beverages and a good man to dance with in your local bar. Christmas was a time for spoiling others, to which January followed, the time you spend dreading every time you need to make a transaction. February is the time for fun, a time to indulge yourself in all your desires and pleasures you had to sacrifice the previous month. If you’d like to mix your weekends up slightly and put a thrilling twist on things, the London escorts are the perfect ingredient to galvanise your Friday and Saturday nights. The lads night out can become repetitive and the banter can become old, so a touch of beauty is guaranteed to brighten up a male dominated bar. The difference is, she can be all yours.

Blossom Back To Life

A beautiful blonde escort could be just what you need to spice up February. Of course, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching but you need to meet your lucky lady before planning a special and romantic occasion. For now, let’s forget the stigma attached to Valentine’s Day. Whilst summer may seem a long way off, spring is on the horizon. Nature’s colours are slowly coming to life, and the sun we have deeply missed is desperately trying to override the dark winter evenings. The lighter mornings and evenings can make life so much easier; going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark is rather tedious, it is no wonder we all feel depressed. Seeing in spring with a lovely lady companion could be just what you need.