Hookup or Tap Out?

So you want to meet a woman? Well then you’re in the right place. If you’re hoping to find a girl for a bit of easy and relaxed fun though, and you’re looking online, things get a lot harder. Outside of the major apps, we’re sad to say that the world is still very wild out there. You’ll find that every other girl turns out to be a 30yr old eastern european, looking to drive traffic to their latest site. You might think that dropping money on an escort in London is an expensive way of doing things, but wait until you’ve bought multiple subscriptions to sites populated entirely by bots.

There are a few legit sites out there. Search for ones that have lots of reviews and a long history. For reference, the list can be counted on one hand. Once you’ve found one, what do you do? Start immediately and drown in girls? Well, not exactly. The ratio and nature of what’s going on means the ladies have their pick of the crop. They can go for anyone. You’ll need to make yourself different, appealing. Most importantly, you’ll need to be patient and persistent. A hundred messages for one meetup is not uncommon. If that sounds daunting, then you’re in the wrong world really.

All in all, expect a seriously long wait and a lot of effort. We’d love to lie and tell you that everything is easy. Hell, isn’t that kind of scenario every man’s dream really? To be able to get a hold of some fun without any investment? Sadly though, the truth is that the process tends to end in disappointment. Don’t let us put you off too much, there’s always hope, but in general you’ll find it much easier to simply book a London escort.