London Lost

So the elections are over and London has a new mayor. The type of man that will make real change and clean up this city, or so they say. To be quite frank, everyone from the London escorts to the bankers to the east end artists has heard all this before. So as much as we salute our new leader and his ideals, let’s wait and see what really ends up happening shall we? Many of us believe that the problems created in the past few decades will only get worse, and they’re not exactly being tackled at a governmental level.

Most specifically, there seems to be a real effort to sanitise London in a way that is offensive to many. Out go any independents. After all, there are variables and variables make things harder to predict. The living breathing city is being turned into an investment portfolio and that means making everything as reliable as possible. Gentrification is rampant, and anything that cannot be remoulded like that is instead repackaged. Rough areas are now edgy, the places that were once undesirable are the new go zones for investment.

It’s all a little depressing. The London we know and love made its reputation through character and individuality. It was the kind of place you would go to when you wanted to enjoy yourself in style, when you wanted something new and different. You could get a London escort and just go for a wander, get lost in the streets with a beautiful girl and have the time of your life. These days though, it’s changed. The days of creativity and imperfection seem to be over, replaced by a sea of chain sandwich stores and fashion boutiques, What we wouldn’t give to have our old home back again, for the streets of Soho to be different, for the Edgeware Road to go all night every night again.