London’s Hottest Dishes

London, as a city that is overflowing with culture and sensual pleasures, is one that we all love. It’s easy to find a great London escort, a perfect meal or that stunning piece of art. Whatever your tastes, it can cater to them. Yet we all too often forget how easy it is for a dish to go unnoticed. A restaurant might not be worth all the fuss of going to for a full meal, but there are plenty of places right now where you simply have to try their one speciality. This is our definitive list.

. Hummus at Hummus Bros. It’s a simple classic, and all the better for it. This delightfully rich, creamy hummus is easily the best in London, and most people simply can’t get enough of it. Try it scooped on a little bit of charred flatbread and you’ll feel the Moroccan sun washing over you as if you were really there, eating in the bazaar.

. Bone marrow at St John’s. Don’t be squeamish, marrow is a truly delightful dish. It’s a bit like a London escort, you might be a bit hesitant and nervous, but once you’ve seen what it has to offer, your only regret will be not trying it sooner.

. Keralan fried chicken at Kricket. KFC meets curry, do we really need to say more about this incredible little popup in Brixton?

. Quail Brunch at PSS. It’s fine dining at its theatrical best. Foppish and a little silly, we can’t help but smile as the drawer opens, steam billows out and there’s the dish. Magical.

. The bacon and chilli naan at Dishoom. An Indian take on a bacon butty, it’s every bit as good as it sounds. Perfect for a morning after meal when your London escort has tired you out partying the night before.