Never Go Out of Style

As a site that focuses on all the delights on offer from our beautiful London escorts, it’s hardly surprising to learn that we do largely serve the needs and whims of men. So it shouldn’t be surprising to you to see a section of blogs here dedicated to boys toys and all the best aspects of masculinity. Today we’ll be touching on a subject that is so often useful but so rarely discussed. That’s the art of dressing well. To many, the mere thought of it is too metrosexual, too girly to be given much thought. Trust us though, put the effort in and you’ll see a difference with the ladies. So what are our three golden rules for dressing well?

First of all, know yourself. There’s no use in dressing in skinny jeans and t-shirts if you’re 35 and not the leanest cut in the butcher’s shop. Any shape, any look, can be made to work if you’re willing to really be honest about what it is that you have to offer.

The second is to buy a good suit. You might think you have one, but chances are you don’t. You either don’t have it well fitted or you went for a cheaper material. A selection is advisable, but if you’re going to opt for a single suit it needs to be made of a good material and perfectly fitted for your size and shape. Are you a double or a single breasted person? Prominent lapels or muted ones? Black or charcoal grey? What shirt do you pair it with, what tie?

The third is to always go for something quiet over something loud. None of us are perfect and we all buy the occasional item that we’ll look back on and cringe. Even our ultra stylish London escorts will sometimes wonder if their evening wear makes their clients happy or they’re pleased in spite of the outfit. The trick is to never be too risky until you really understand what you’re doing. Too many people try and rush into it, try to be stylish by buying something outlandish. In the end, they just end up looking foolish.