New Suit or New You?

The start of a new year is a time for rediscovering ourselves. We want to change those things we don’t like, achieve our goals and simply improve ourselves as much as possible. Here at Strawberry we only ever see the good in people and like to help our clients better themselves and, more importantly, have fun. With the help of our flawless girls, we can help you get started with the new you and help you recognise the little pleasures in life you cruelly let yourself miss out on.

Luxury and Style

It is time to abolish the judgement that men who take pride in their appearance are less masculine than those that don’t. Women are attracted to men who like to look good. The escorts in London especially admire a gentleman who knows his cologne and takes good care of his skin. There are many great high street products that do the trick so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank for just a little tub of cream. You can’t deny you don’t know what half the creams do. (What are pores?!) Luxury doesn’t always have to be expensive and nor does style.

Live The Dream

This year is your year to live the dream. Working hard with little play can let us slip into a negative state of depression. Ever fancied venturing to the west coast of America? Want to catch a few waves on the Australian beaches? Or long to taste the true Asian cuisine in the heart of Asia? Wait no longer and organise your trip of a lifetime for 2013. It will break up the year and give you something to look forward to as you stare out from your office window witnessing the skies opening and sprinkling the capital with the dreaded, heavy rain we are so used to. With our delightful selection of London companions, of all races and from locations all over, they’ll be able to advise you on the best locales if your chosen destination is the place they proudly call home.

A positive attitude can work wonders for the way we live our lives. The trick to staying happy is to change all aspects of our lives that make us unhappy. Be rid of all negative emotion and energy. With plenty of choice available, from blonde to brunette escorts, our companions encourage all of their clients to keep a positive state of mind in order to feel de-stressed and have a happier approach to life.