Out With The Old, In With The New

This is to all those busy bankers who grow tired of wining and dining in the same place week in, week out. We all have our favourite eateries and when establishing ourselves as locals we may even get a cheeky discount here and there as a thank you for our custom. Bear in mind, though, that it is good to mix things up now and again, as stated in our previous blog post, Fabulous February. The city really is your oyster and there is too much available to us to not at least try and explore when we can. The majority of us don’t like change, but if we don’t bite the bullet and go for it we may be missing out on something special.


Corney and Barrow has been part of the city’s social scene for more than thirty years. The chain has been refreshed and re-branded; it is now known as C&B. Located in the shadows of St Paul’s Cathedral, the swanky Paternoster Square outlet has revamped the old and brought in the stylish new. This C&B is not only renowned for its satisfying breakfasts, evening nibbles and tempting lunches, but has now established itself as a luxurious venue for all social events. In the summer, you’ll be lucky to get a table so it is advised you book in advance. It is the perfect place to wine and dine a gorgeous lady and you’ll find many in the summer months dressed in their fashionable summer attire, bare legged, sandals on with a crisp glass of Rosé in hand. Our regular vitamin D intake means the sun works wonders for just about everything.

The Perfect Place For A Tipple

Balls Brothers is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Lloyds Building. Located on Lime Street, the well-established bar and restaurant run by the well known Balls Brothers chain certainly brings in the crowds, its excellent location means it is filled to the brim with insurance brokers, underwriters and bankers. Focusing on everything British, it has a mouth-watering British menu that turns even the slightly peckish into the starving hungry. You may start off with the exquisite potted shrimps, followed by their signature sausage and mash with onion gravy and round everything off with a sweet homemade apple crumble. This stylish bar is only open Monday to Friday as it is aimed at London’s working population who are after a satisfying lunch or after work treat. You’ll find many mature girls floating around this bar who look incredible for their age. Sometimes the younger ladies can be too much hard work and you can sense a stale attitude which makes it hard for you to ever find a companion. It can put you off trying. But the mature lady is not only beautiful, she is approachable, intelligent and wise. Its swanky interior, furnished with marble counters, wooden floors and stylish furniture, ensures many of the city workers feel quite at home here.

All Bar One

This cosmopolitan bar is a chain spread throughout the city. All Bar One is a stylish, swanky bar aimed at people who have a love for exotic cocktails and good food. Whether you want to share a well-chosen bottle of wine and devour a plate of light nibbles or indulge in a heavier, authentic meal, this bar is the perfect place. Not only is it known for its exquisite food and drinks, it attracts beautiful women from across the city. You’ll certainly come across a gorgeous cheap brunette escort, and by cheap, we mean the bargain price that no one can resist. All Bar One is a quirky, edgy bar with a vibrant atmosphere that is hard to dislike. Throughout the week you’re best to book a table if you want a guaranteed seat as you can imagine, it does get rather busy.