Saturday Night Wardrobe

Many are still recovering from the Valentine’s Day aftermath. Strawberry Girls hopes February 14th 2013 was a good one for you and our blog post on how to perfect the art of Valentine’s Day helped you. It certainly must have been one to remember if you’d spent it with one of the Strawberry stunners. It seems life never takes us around a quiet corner, and when we sigh a breath of relief and enjoy the thought of relaxation, London Fashion Week has crept upon us. Looking good is essential for your big night out, especially if you plan on finding a beautiful companion. London Fashion Week can help a lonely, gentleman reinvent not only his wardrobe but himself.

Follower or Foe?

Whether you’re a follower of fashion or loathe the catwalk and magazines, fashion is a part of everyones lives every single day. The Strawberry Girls love keeping up to date with the latest trends but they enjoy adding their own touch to their style. Some fashions are a little extreme, they tend to stay clear of the eccentric clothes. Dressing to suit their figure is something they are passionate about, they want to ensure their clothes flatter their curves in all the right places. Some garments can look awful on certain figures and it is always advised that women with a fuller bust should avoid skimpy, loose tops and dresses that can expose that area without their permission. The busty girls love to show off their assets in a tasteful, demure way, leaving behind a mystery and curiosity you long to explore. These gorgeous girls enjoy taking the time to prepare their look before a night on the town and they appreciate a man who takes pride in his appearance. An outfit for your big night out doesn’t have to be a designer label that costs an arm and a leg, there are many replicas at a more affordable price on the high street. You won’t have to make a trip to the luxurious Mayfair or pricey Harrods in order to get suited and booted for Saturday night.

Let a cheap English escort show you the ropes in fashion

Style Cleanse

Make the most of being hounded with London Fashion Week news over the coming month. You sadly can’t avoid the style cleanse. The event has been an ongoing, steady Twitter trend for the last few days so it is easy to access the latest shows at the click of a button. Whatever style you’re after, the influence of Tom Ford, Gucci, or Burberry will certainly release your fashion inspiration that is lurking deep down within. A cheap English escort knows her fashion well, especially the highly admired British fashion. She could even be your personal stylist for a day and make you feel like a new man in more ways than one.