Staying Safe On A Big Night Out

We are sure you had an action-packed Feb and are now preparing for what is likely to be a manic March, but it is important to look after yourself. Men are perceived to be stronger, physically, but precautions still need to be taken, and it is just as important for you gentleman to watch your drink on a night out.

Go In Groups

Unless you’re meeting a beautiful cheap asian escort for a date, it is always best to go in groups on a night out. The saying ‘safety in numbers’ certainly rings true for a big night out on the town. The more trusted members who genuinely have your interests at heart are the best to stick with. If there is a large number of you, you’ll certainly know by now that bouncers do not like big groups, so it is best break it down into small groups and meet up again once inside.

Carry The Essentials

Unlike the ladies, you don’t need to carry a heavy bag full of unnecessary items. Always make sure you have enough money on you, not only for the endless rounds of drinks your mates expect you to buy, but for emergencies. A lad’s night out can always end with funny banter, banter that sometimes is taken a little too far. Keep your phone on you at all times, an obvious choice to help you if you encounter a sticky situation, whether that be texting a friend to help you get away from the awkward, drunken lady trying to ask for your number, or whether you need to call a cab when you miss the last train home.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Always keep a close eye on your drink. If you end up putting it down, don’t pick it back up. If you need to disappear to the toilet or outside for any reason, always ensure a pal is watching it for you. It may seem dramatic and many assume getting their drinks spiked will never happen to a male but you’d be surprised at how many men fall victims to drugged drinks every year. A lone, drunk person is vulnerable whether they are male or female, so forget your egos for once and make sure you look after yourselves.