Technology Giants

Today, Samsung has finally delivered the ultimate iPhone threat by introducing the new technology smartphone set to dominate the world. The latest smartphone drowns in never-seen-before technology and has certainly has Apple raising an intriguing eyebrow. The much-hyped public event that the English girls were keen to follow allowed Samsung to introduce the new Galaxy S4, the ultimate smartphone to date, jam-packed with an array of new features, including the option to command the phone with just the wave of a hand or the glimpse of an eye.

Predictions have been made that this spectacular progression in communication devices will outsell the iPhone and has been noted as a major milestone for the company. There has always been a bitter war between the two technology giants and this smartphone could be the game-changer for the Korean company.

You may be an Apple fanatic or a dedicated Samsung supporter but what both companies do is rather spectacular. It will be interesting to see what software and features the next iPhone will obtain in order to up the competition. Owning such a device isn’t materialistic, flashy or pretentious, it is a luxury that makes our lives easier and more pleasurable.