Ten More Tinder Tips

1. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. You’re not going to get a hundred likes in your first few days. Unless you are absurdly good looking, 99% of people that look at you will say no, or you will say no to them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Stay the course.

2. No photos with London escorts, no matter how hot they might be.

3. Keep the black and white shots to a minimum. 2 at absolute most.

4. Be selective. No really, don’t just swipe right on everyone who even remotely attracts you. It’ll work out better in the end.

5. Remember that it’s not about a small number of interactions, but a large one. Just as you might scroll through our entire gallery of stunning London escorts to find a girl that appeals to you, so too might you need to wait a little to find a girl you really like.

6. Stop posting pictures of you with your ex. A female friend in one of your photos is fine, good even, but your ex? No, it just screams insecurity and that you wish you were still with here. For a dating app, this is a real problem.

7. Like all the best things in life, it’s going to take time. The first date might be awful. Honestly, most people find it is. The whole Tinder dating system is so new to most that it’s a it awkward and unfamiliar. The first one doesn’t always go well whilst you find your feet. Keep going.

8. Meet somewhere public. This should be obvious but for both safety and other reasons, meet in a cafe or public place first.

9. Remember that when you’re out with a London escort, you’re with a girl that is an expert at breaking the ice and making you feel comfortable. Most girls won’t be that warm, that quickly.

10. The most important tip that we can give to anyone on Tinder is to try and not to take it all too personally. People get so offended and they give up, or they throw in the towel way too early because they’re not getting the number of likes they want. Just relax and enjoy the process, don’t stress it.