The Beautiful Budapest

March is the time of year where the sun comes out to say hello, but teases us by disappearing far too quickly. It may still feel rather chilly but the spring sunshine gets us prepared for summer. It’s a time where we start thinking about booking that all important summer holiday. Why wait another few months to officially put your feet up? Booking a weekend break in between is something that can keep you going, break up the months, and get you excited for the long awaited vacation. A beautiful cheap blonde escort would love to accompany a lonely gentleman on a weekend getaway to the beautiful Budapest.

Bursting With Beautiful Architecture

Most people venture to cities such as Paris, Rome, Prague, Berlin, Brussels or Dublin for a quick getaway. Budapest is the dynamic, stylish capital of Hungary, bursting with beautiful architecture and riveting history. If you consider yourself to be quite the culture vulture, you’ll be in your element wandering through the baroque-style city, filled with elegant cathedrals, churches and grand hotels. Budapest is known for its public baths, where 15 million gallons of water bubble daily into the city’s 118 springs and boreholes. Missing out on these is like not visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the Vatican in Rome; it is an absolute must see. Budapest is one of the richest cities in the world in terms of thermal and spa water. People come back for many years just to take a dip in the hot springs that reach a toasty temperature of 21 degrees. English girls adore Budapest and believe there is nothing more romantic than soaking up the Hungarian architecture with a companion. If you are looking to head to the Szechenyi spa, situated in City Park, it is an easy metro journey from the town centre and it’s well worth a visit. You can even engage in an exhilarating game of chess while lounging in the whirlpools!

Paris of The East

The “Queen of Danube” is steeped in history, culture and natural beauty and is a European city that can’t be missed. Budapest is regarded as “the Paris of the east” as it is bursting with romance and passion. There are plenty of beautiful hotels to choose from, all with brilliant reviews. One that stands out the most is the Corinthia Hotel, the perfect location for couples is located in the very heart of Budapest so you are not miles from the city’s main attractions. The historic, detailed interior will certainly take your breath away when you enter the grand reception area. If you’re not one for travel and have longed to be adventurous, take a look at our previous blog post A New Suit or New You and be inspired to do something different today. Prepare to be captured Budapest’s charming couture.