The Dating Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

For reasons that baffle us, many men in the city still seem to insist on making these same basic mistakes. It’s 2016 guys, get with the times. There’s so much that the world has to offer you, don’t let yourself go for the wrong option every time. Our London escorts might be forgiving, but other women won’t be.

Paying the bill
This is a sensitive subject for many women, and it’s one you need to treat with a degree of care and respect. If she wants to pay part of the bill, or even all of it, then don’t dismiss it out of hand. This is the 21st century and many women have plenty of earning power. They don’t need you to patronise them, in any way. We’re sure you’re doing it to be nice, but please, tell her feelings into account. If she’s cool with it, go ahead and pay the full thing. But if it bothers her, don’t force your sense of chivalry on her. It’s just not nice.

2. Wearing Lynx
Enough with the same old corny deodorants. If she gets close to you, she is going to smell it and the last thing a woman wants swirling around in her nostrils when she is interested in a guy is a scent that reminds her of awkward teenage boys. Get a premium brand, break it out for dates and you’re sorted.

3. Treating her like an escort in London
There’s a reason why so many people love to see our girls, why you might enjoy it yourself. They’re women without all the fuss. So remember that when you do see an ordinary lady, she is going to be a little bit more complex. You’re going to need to put time, effort and care into things. If that doesn’t sound like something you want, then you always have our number!