Top Tinder Tips

When it comes to dating in the capital, there are some hard and fast rules that seem to fly out of the window when it comes to using the incredibly popular Tinder app. It’s like plunging through the looking glass, into a world that is both familiar and yet oh so different. Well let us guide you through this confusing new land, into the arms of a beautiful babe. If it’s still all a bit daunting, well there’s always plenty of London escorts waiting for you here!

1.You can be upfront. Do not take this the wrong way. This does not mean send unsolicited pictures, it does not mean be incredibly blunt and crude. Those things are still just as unattractive as before. What you can do though, is talk plainly. If you both want the same thing, feel free to discuss it beforehand and find out what works best for everyone.

2. Your profile is huge. You need a good mixture of the right things, otherwise any prospective matches are going to swipe the wrong way in seconds. Be interesting, be different, be funny, but don’t come off too strong. Ideally, you want 4-5 pictures, a good sentence or two for your bio and not much else.

3. Your main picture has to be your best. It’s the hook that first draws a lady in, and in an app as fast as this, you only get one chance. Once you get her attention, then your other pictures, your interests and your bio can draw her in. Think of it like you would our site: how many London escorts do you see in our galleries, and how many do you actually click on?

4. Photos can be deceiving. We might vet all of our photos, but Tinder sure as hell don’t. Be careful for flattering angles, limited exposure and various other tricks. Some ladies have been known to conceal a few (dozen) pounds with clever photos.

5. Remember, it’s meant to be fun. Like we said, we still have plenty of escorts in London here for you if it shouldn’t work out, so try and enjoy it. Nothing comes off worse than a man on Tinder, desperately trying to get his way at any cost.