We welcome the Easter weekend with open arms

At last is has finally arrived! We welcome the Easter weekend with open arms. Many of us can take a deep sigh of relief as we look forward to the well deserved four day weekend. It is crazy to think the last bank holiday was four months ago. For those who are saving their holiday for the summer, how did we get through it? Christmas was the last time we could indulge so let’s get stuck into the chocolate as soon as Thursday strikes 5pm.

The weather has certainly been a topic of conversation at Strawberry Girls this week. We thought, come Easter time, we would be packing the winter jumpers and coats away and preparing our wardrobe for spring. The unexpected and much resented snowfall has been rather frustrating for this time of year. March 2012 saw people walking around in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. Summer had come early last year. The London escorts are eager to show off their long, silky pins in a floaty summer dress and soak up the much needed sunshine. When the rays shine down on the capital, it makes it a much happier, energetic place.

With the long weekend just around the corner we all thought we would be able to soak up the shy sunshine on a rooftop terrace with a fresh cider in hand, but we suppose we can’t have it all. For those of you replacing chocolate eggs with alcohol on your big weekend don’t forget to stay safe, but remember to enjoy your well-deserved break!