“You Can Tell A Lot About A Man From His Shoes”

The next time you meet someone, look at their shoes. We bet you could guess their profession or their general manner with a stunning degree of accuracy. Whether it’s a London escort in huge heels or a West London chino wearing with his blue suede, it’s remarkably easy to tell what people are like just by looking at what they’re wearing. You’ll find that many people will actually look at your shoes when they meet you, as a way of getting a summary of who you are.

So what’s the right way to make a good impression? Well first off, dress appropriately. Trainers with a suit, or wooden soles with a casual tshirt and jeans are not good looks. They speak of someone who has no idea what the hell they’re doing, and has simply picked up a number of random items. They’ll half expect you to be wearing odd socks.

Next, choose the right shoes for the outfit. A pair of dark trainers might normally look great with jeans, but once you start moving into the pastel shades of blue those shoes will begin to stick out like a sore thumb. Likewise, deep brown shoes with a jet black suit is not a look most people are able to pull off. People who don’t match colours tend to be those that want to look good, but don’t really know how.

Finally, ensure that they’re a comfortable all round fit. There’s little use in buying shoes that will make your feet after an hour, or that are miles too big for you. A good shoe is one that will feel comfortable after prolonged use. You might not think people notice, but when you’re wincing every other step because your shoes are too narrow, it’s very noticeable.